The restaurant is on an unremarkable side street, just a few minute walk from IP Pavlova Metro station. Inside, the place has a comfortable modern feel, despite classic art paintings on the wall – which I prefer to some two-minute-to-paint modern art anyway.

Our waitress was really friendly, explained all the dishes and helped me connect to the free wi-fi.

We had a very reasonable bottle of Merlot for less than 400Kc.

We had a voucher for a tasting-type menu. The starter of octopus carpaccio and next course of seafood soup (prawns and mussels not bouillabaisse) were really good and the home-made bread was a nice accompaniment. After that we had grilled duck breast and a boeuf bourguignon. Both were delicious even though the boeuf bourguignon was really beef with a bourguignon flavour rather than the stew.

Even with the lemon tart for pudding, we didn’t feel that we’d over eaten – the portion sizes were just right for a tasting menu.

The only complaint we had at the time was that the plates weren’t warmed and so the dishes cooled down too quickly. When we arrived home we noticed that our clothes had picked up the cooking smells from the kitchen – we hadn’t noticed anything at the time. So perhaps they need to work on the extractor fan.

We really enjoyed our visit. Even if the place stays as it is, we’d return for another dinner, or maybe even breakfast as it seems they are open from early morning.

Restaurant Café Ermitage
Melounova 1654/2
120 00 Praha 2

+420 222 561 981