The Java Café & Restaurant is walking distance from IP Pavlova or Namesti Miru metro stations. The restaurant has an outdoor summer terrace and a large downstairs space. They specialise in Indonesian Cuisine.

We had the tasting menu below with my comments:

Lumpia – fried rice rolls with vegetables
Bakwan jagung – Corn pancakes with vegetables
Tahu isi – stuffed fried tofu with vegetables
Sweet chilli sauce
These were okay but a bit samey. It was also quite a big start to a menu of so many courses.

Sayuri Lodeh – vegetables in coconut milk
This was a really nice soup

Balado Telor – fried eggs cooked in pepper-tomato sauce
This was a bit strange and not that nice – imagine a hard-boiled egg which had then been fried

Ikan Balado – Indonesian grilled fish, “Red Whaper” in a spicy tomato-chilli sauce
This was a really fishy oily fish and not that great

Gula kambing – lamb curry with coconut milk, lemon grass, lime leaf
This was really good

Rendang – beef stew, chilli peppers, lemon grass, coconut milk, ginger
This was the best dish of the whole meal and if I were to visit again, I would just have this as a larger main course

Compote of tropical palm fruit in coconut cream
This was strange. Imagine that some children decided to invent a desert and added chewy fruit sweets to coconut milk

The service was pretty friendly and efficient although things tailed off near the end as our waiter seemed to be involved in something upstairs.

We had a bottle of Ferrandiere Prestige Rouge 2009 395Kč which was good value.

In conclusion, I think they try too hard with so many courses and I wouldn’t recommend the tasting menu. We were absolutely full by the end and wish we’d just had the soup and the Gula kambing and/or Beef Rendang.

Java Café & Restaurant
Římská 33
120 00 Praha 2

Tel: +420 296 236 343
GSM: +420 733 110 541


Monday to Saturday 11-23
Sunday closed