I really like this restaurant. The atmosphere, food, wine and service are all excellent. The only reason I don’t visit more often is because it’s a bit awkward for me to get to; there aren’t any trams running down Koněvova and taxi drivers always seem to struggle to find the place. Koněvova is also a shabby traffic-busy street but not really dangerous. The nearest tram stop (9) is only a 5 or 10 minute walk away.

We had the seven-course Asian tasting menu, although all but one of the dishes were available separately on the menu. The courses were:

  • Salmon seviche with ponzu sauce, wasabi mayonnaise and lemon foam – this was interesting and tasty
  • Strong beef broth with chilli, coriander, onion and rice noodle – the bowl arrived with the ingredients and the waiter added the broth at our table
  • Tempura prawns with coconut and cucumber foam with coriander, jasmine rice – good large prawns and tasty batter
  • MOOD CLASSIC BURGER served smoked cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise – not sure where this fitted in the tasting menu, but was a good burger
  • Asian-style Duck with coriander, jasmine rice (couldn’t see this on the menu) – starting to get quite full now but food so good we had to eat it
  • Pork cheeks in dark beer, baked celery, smoked potato puree – really full but had to eat as was delicious
  • Panna cotta with passion fruit sauce, toasted coconut with lime and orange confit – a classic

An excellent bottle of Malbec was 510KC.

I would guess if you ordered a la carte, the dishes would be larger. But they were still a good size in the tasting menu and we could hardly move afterward.

I think on my next visit I would have a subset of the above – well except the wine.

Koněvova 28/29
130 00 Praha 3

+420 222 517 615

E-mail: marek@restaurantmood.cz