This restaurant is on a quiet square, just opposite the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, on the Prague Castle side of the river. I’d say there was room for 20 people inside. In the summer, there is a small terrace outside. Inside is non-smoking.

The Irish chef/owner is called Jason and has worked in some high-end restaurants around the world. The Little Whale is a small place, usually with Jason in the open kitchen and one friendly waitress attending diners. So expect gourmet-style food, but not small portions, nor the pomp and circumstance of a high-end restaurant.

The menu changes daily and they put the daily specials on their Facebook page (I think you can click through to that from the website). You can also ask to vary the menu. On one lunchtime visit, I asked for black pudding, scallops and scrambled eggs; next thing I was eating one of the best breakfast/brunch ever.

The wine list is pretty reasonable, we last had a Montepulciano for 340Kc and that was pretty good. You can also ask for a bottle of tap water without worrying they’ll say no – this comes in an old-fashioned litre bottle and so nobody even knows it’s just tap water!

The décor is eclectic, with cookbooks, jars, pasta machines on shelves and original art by two different artists (one was Martina Krupickova) on the walls.

So if you want white glove, lift the silver dome voilà! type of thing, then go elsewhere. But if you want to relax with good food and be able to chat to the waitress and the chef, I’d recommend a visit.

Maltezske nam 15, Prague 118 00, Czech Republic (Praha 1)

+420 257 214 703