La Terrassa is a long boat moored on the Vlatava. The windows to one side (could be port or starboard but I can’t remember which end was the bow ) have a good view of the river, the other is a view of the lock and so large boats pass close by.

The interior of La Terrassa is clean and modern. It was a cold evening but the place was warm, which must be difficult to manage on a boat.

Our waitress was friendly. There was some confusion about the wine list; our waitress advised that the list was being re-written and many of the wines were unavailable. So in the end we just took her recommendation.

The tapas were delicious and good-sized portions for tapas.

The seafood paella (which must be ordered when booking so they have time to prepare it) arrived. All 8/9 mussels in the paella were closed; 5 firmly the rest just open a few mm. We complained to the waitress, who I’m not sure realised that mussels are supposed to be closed when fresh and open when cooked – but then that isn’t so much her responsibility as the chef, who shouldn’t have let the dish leave the kitchen. We were brought a plate of newly-cooked (and open) mussels. We ate the rest of the paella, minus the closed mussels, but it did leave us worrying about what effect it may have later – we were fine.

With so many great places to choose from in Prague, I doubt we’d go again for dinner. I’d be tempted to go for a tapas lunch in the summer.

Janáčkovo nábřeží – Dětský ostrov
150 00 Praha 5 – Smíchov

+420 604 300 300