I’m a regular diner at the excellent V Zatisi and also used to enjoy the Bellevue brunch. So we were looking forward to brunch at Mlynec – part of the same restaurant group. Sadly we were really disappointed. Starter was good quality but very average – at this level each course should be special. Main was good quality fish and lamb, both of which went cold very quickly. Only a small amount of lukewarm gravy was delivered, despite each of us having a huge Yorkshire pudding; we had to ask for more. The unique selling point is that the buffet, where food would be fresh and hot, has been removed thus saving the trouble of leaving one’s seat. But to make this work, the ‘buffet’ at your table should at least be on hot plates or, better still, plate warmers. Staff were generous with the sparkling wine, but when the main course arrived, didn’t offer a red or white wine accompaniment. I had to make several gestures in order to have this and by then the lamb was cold. Pudding was also average – again if the buffet is removed, what is delivered should be special.