This is a newly-opened Indian restaurant in Prague. There was a bar/restaurant there before, which I think was called Duke Ellington, but I never visited that. At the entrance to the restaurant are menus on wooden rollers. This might have been a nice idea, but water has got onto them and so they are barely legible.

The same, solitary, waitress was on duty on both of my last two visits; for lunch and dinner on different days. She was really friendly, spoke good English and seemed genuinely passionate about the food.

The food was excellent and much better value than the established Masala a few doors up the street. The wine was also reasonable, whereas Masala’s is overpriced. I’m not sure why all Indian restaurants in Prague server pappadums rolled up rather than flat as in England. Maybe this is how they should be served or maybe they actually make them instead of buying them in? Or I think it could be because of the way they cook them; deep fried instead of on a hot plate.

The restaurant was pretty full after we’d had our main course delivered and I could see the service slowed down a bit. But that’s the fault of the owner and not the waitress as she was doing a good job. Hopefully she’ll get some help now the place is popular.

Oh and they have wifi!

Italská 30, Prague 2-Vinohrady, Czech Republic
Tel. +420 774 310 774