No insects/bugs in this review. 

The BA flight to Prague flies from London Heathrow Terminal 3; Terminal 5 is BA’s main terminal. The downside of using Terminal 3 is that passengers have to be taken to the aircraft by bus. That means having to get to the gate earlier and no priority boarding for Club passengers. On the PRG-LHR return, there is a separate bus for Club passengers, but both buses go to the same place and that is a good 10 minute walk away from passport control.  

Terraces Lounge

I really hate the design of BA lounges. The food is always a long way from the drinks. So if you are travelling alone, you need to carry your bag around while you get wine from one place, water from another and food from another. Well actually most people don’t do that and just leave their bag at the table they’ve chosen. At least the Terminal 3 lounge has some hot food choices and compared to the T5 lounge it’s positively cosy.

On board

Club seats on this route are arranged as A and C then aisle then D, E and F. There isn’t a middle seat between A and C, just a small gap. Seat E is never allocated. So if you want more space then choose D or F. I like 1D; more legroom, nobody reclines their seat into you, first to get food and drinks (well the service goes 1A, 1C, 1F then 1D but you know what I mean), first off the plane.

There’s no entertainment system – just an overhead monitor with flight progress map.

The food and service were really good. I’m not sure why Club Europe can deliver good food on a smaller plane for a less than two hour flight, when Club World can’t manage that on a 777 long-haul.

Is it worth paying the extra?

I don’t think it is worth paying the regular Club fare for just a short flight. Economy isn’t bad, especially now they provide sandwiches instead of the world’s smallest packet of crisps (last year). But if BA have a sale and you can find a return price of £280 or less, then it’s certainly worth treating yourself and also collecting four Executive Club tier points per segment.